How To Compose A Decent Harry Potter Essay

The stories about Harry Potter written by J.K. Rowling are known and loved by children and adults all over the world. Writing an essay related to Harry Potter might be an interesting task, especially to students who have read the books. However, even if you know the topic well, you should put some effort into your paper to make other people interested in reading it.

Writing a Harry Potter Essay

  1. Do some reading.
  2. If you’ve never read the books about Harry Potter, you should read, at least, the first one to get an idea about the characters and setting. If you’re familiar with the works of J.K. Rowling, it won’t hurt to refresh your memory by looking through a few books from the series.

  3. Choose a narrow topic.
  4. You should focus your attention on a particular question related to the series to make your paper original and interesting to read. For example, you may try to defend some of the fan theories, like Dumbledore being a time-traveling Ron or Harry being drug-induced to love Ginny, in your paper.

  5. Outline your paper.
  6. Based on your topic, you should plan what you’ll include in your text. Come up with pieces of information or arguments that you want to discuss and indicate in what order you’ll present them. Proper outlining won’t let you forget about including any significant details in your text.

  7. Compose an introduction.
  8. You should start your paper by providing basic information about the Harry Potter series. Then, you should gradually move on to a specific question that you’ve chosen to discuss in your paper. End the introduction with stating your thesis.

  9. Compose a body.
  10. Here, you should elaborate on the selected topic. Make sure to divide the body into, at least, three paragraphs. Each paragraph should present and discuss a separate point related to your topic.

  11. Compose a conclusion.
  12. At the end, you should make a summation of the presented points and convey your main message. Also, you may provide several other questions related to Harry Potter that other students may investigate in their papers.

Ways to Make Your Essay Stand Out

Following the pattern described above, you’re likely to write a decent academic paper related to Harry Potter. Just don’t forget to proofread your paper before submitting it in order to receive the highest score.